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20k Pageviews + Work News

Tue Mar 2, 2010, 1:00 PM

I wanted to say thank you for 20,000 pageviews, 500 devwatches and all the support you have given me over the last 2 years. Being a part of this community has changed my life. I mean that. Thanks!! :D

In other news, I've stepped down as Creative Director of Guifx and will now go back to designing full-time. Wish me luck!

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It's my birthday today! WooOOoohoo! :D Pretty exciting, a lot has changed in the past year and I just wanted to say thanks everybody for the support you've given me with my work and various projects. You guys are the best! :)

I'm on Twitter now, so if you're on there, follow me!

Guifx on dA!
And the company where I work, Guifx,  is now on dA! We'll soon be adding our portfolio and all of our misc works, so you'll be seeing work and collabs from everyone at Guifx:Check us out...

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We just released a free symbol font we have been working on for months at my job. I think it came out really cool. It has 56 symbols including things like: play, pause, ffwd, shuffle, refresh.. etc etc. It's really helpful for creating interfaces. Just thought some of you would want to know about it and use it in your interfaces. Enjoy!


Get it here:…
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So, I've been tracking the download count of my two recent icon sets. Between the trackers I use and the stats on misc icon sites, the total download  count thus far is well above three hundred and fifty thousand! This is just awesome. It's really great to know people are enjoying my work! :)

Apple TV Icons (Mac / Win)        Solar System Icons (Mac / Win)

Just got a PS3 yesterday. Looking forward to making a theme for it. In the meantime. Kol's theme Sfere Black 3 is keeping me graphically satisfied.
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Well, I just started using deviantART and so far it's really cool. There are some seriously talented people on here. I think being a part of this community is going to be a really great thing for me as far as improving as a designer. I hope I can be a positive addition to the site and help out others as well. Thanks everyone for welcoming me! :D
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